Discover the potential of data personality for your business.

Cognitive Data is a consulting firm specialized in combining the best of psychology and neurolinguistics with artificial intelligence.
Get your data to give you relevant information about your customers, future employees and much more!


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Segmentation and psychological marketing

Analyze the behavior and personality of each user or customer segment. Thanks to personality AI you will be able to analyze interests, tastes, affinities, lifestyle, motivations, and much more. Create a unique portrait of your customers.

Automate your recruitment

Gather in one place all your recruitment process and get with just one click their soft skills and the best candidates for each position according to your requirements.

Integrate your CRM & API

Integrate your data and we will provide you with customized solutions or access our documentation so you can build your own solutions.

The best of cognitive science & and artificial intelligence at yout service

Connect your data and scale up to discover everything you dream of.


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